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There is no free education in Uganda, and good schools are expensive. In addition, tuition and other costs increase greatly as children advance in their academic studies. Today the average cost of educating one of Jajja’s Kids is $1,100 annually! 


Because of high poverty levels as well as the high cost of education, only 25% of Ugandans complete elementary school. We are proud that all of our children are in school or trade programs, where they are THRIVING!

Susn and the children at school.

A donation of $50 a month helps sponsor a child’s education. 

A donation of $150 a month sponsors their basic needs as well as education.



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Finished house, fall 2019.

As both the children and program grew, we outgrow our rented house and our children needed the stability and security of a permanent home to call their own.

By January 2019 we had raised $75,000 to purchase a partially constructed house. Renovations are nearly complete and our children moved in November 2019. With the help of the community, we salvaged and renewed the bed frames, tables, and chairs from the old house. 

new mattresses.jpg

Any donations made towards the house will help provide new mattresses, pavers for the front yard, and other household related items.



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The operation of Jajja's Kids' general program currently costs 

over $1,800 a month. This pays for:

  • Food and medicine for children and staff

  • Staff salaries in Uganda

  • Utilities; water, electric

  • Household supplies 

  • Clothing and toiletries

  • Community programs

  • Internet for communication with JK- USA (and sponsors!)

  • Holiday celebrations




Children showing their artwok.

We appreciate donations of any size! Your support makes our mission possible. Thank you for being part of the Jajja's Kids family!

Help us provide for
Jajja's Kids' basic needs with
donation in any amount.

Children in school
Building the wall around the house
Children drawing

Join our cadre of sustaining monthly donors and know that you are making
a meaningful difference! 
While donations of any kind are always welcomed,
monthly donations in any amount best provide stability for our education
and general program funds.

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2017 volunteer trip

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer from Your Home or Ours in Uganda!

Volunteers in the U.S. enrich our program by working along with others in: 

  • Planning and Executing Special Events 

  • Working on Administrative Tasks 

  • Gathering Supplies to Bring to Uganda 

  • Developing New Opportunities for Fundraising 

Volunteers can also make a difference with an in-person visit to Jajja's Kids in Kampala, Uganda. You can bring new experiences to the children and staff while having a life-changing experience yourself!

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Children with artwork at new home.