July Update

Updated: 4 days ago

We have reached an exciting juncture in the ongoing evolution of Jajja's Kids! A fundamental goal from the beginning has been to find a path toward sustainability for the program in Uganda. And we are taking the next steps down that path!

What We've Accomplished So Far...

In 2012 Jajja's Kids welcomed eight street children, ages 4 to 9, to live together in a modest rented home. Since then:

  • With the support of our many donors and volunteers giving their time, money and expertise, Jajja's Kids has raised over $550,000 in eight years for the well-being of the Ugandan children in our care. 

  • In 2019 we achieved our long-standing dream of a permanent home for the program. The home was built with $110,000 in capital funds contributed by incredibly wonderful supporters, plus the hard work of Ugandan staff - and even the kids helped building it! The children and staff moved in last November, and all are extremely grateful for the wonderful large space they have to shelter in, especially now.

  • The program has steadily grown. Today twenty children and young adults, ranging in age from 10 to 20, are members of Jajja's Kids' home. They live together as a family, receiving three meals a day, clothing, medical care, supervision, and guidance. Basic care for all twenty children at the home now costs $2,000 a month.

  • Formal education has been an essential part of Jajja's Kids from the beginning. When the home began, the youngest were in nursery school and kindergarten. Today our 20 children span 3rd to 11th grades, and the older ones are considering college or University options in a couple of years. The annual cost of educating all the children is currently $21,000.

Perhaps most importantly, each of Jajja's Kids has developed into a loving and caring individual. They are grateful for the opportunities they have been given, are hopeful for a better future, and realize their education can help their families out of poverty. The older children also want to learn about running the home and program, so they can help continue it someday. 

Where We're Headed Next:

We are officially launching an Online Auction

The highest bidder will drive away with this

Classic 2004 BMWi 

The BMW has been carefully and lovingly maintained by its original owners, who are great friends and long-time supporters of Jajja's Kids. These wonderful people have generously donated their car for us to sell. Please share the link with others to help us find a good home for this car! 

Proceeds from the BMW car auction will go toward the purchase of another vehicle - this truck in Uganda! 

As the pandemic took hold in March, food security quickly emerged as a serious concern. Ugandan director Ronnie Sseruyange proposed to the US Board of Directors that Jajja's Kids - Africa acquire  a truck to:

  • transport food for the children from the villages into the city

  • make village food available to the local community

  • generate income by transporting goods for others

  • serve as a way to transport the children when needed 

The truck will be both a cost savings and a means of funding for the program.  It is a major step toward income-generating projects that can create sustainability for the children and staff of Jajja's Kids. 

The truck is partially paid for, thanks to the generosity of Change the Truth, another nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of children in Uganda. Proceeds from the auction will complete the truck purchase.

Another proposal already underway for the next major step toward sustainability - purchasing land in the Ugandan countryside for Jajja's Kids to grow crops for themselves and to sell in the local community. The new truck can transport the children to their own land, so they can grow their own food while they learn farming and other life skills. And with schools closed for the indefinite future, this is a healthy activity for everyone. 

We'll keep you posted as this next phase toward sustainability moves forward! In the mean time, remember to check out the Auction site! Please share it with others who might enjoy a fun new car.   It is all to benefit a great cause!

And as always, we thank you for your  support and  interest in Jajja's Kids!


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