March Update

Hey everyone, Julie here. I wanted to share Mark and Diane's updates regarding Covid-19 after speaking with Ronnie this week. We hope everyone is staying safe!

About Uganda in general:

  • As of Friday the 20th, the President of Uganda closed all schools, universities, churches, concerts and other public gathering places.

  • People were scrambling to buy food and go to their villages to wait out this time.  As a result, food prices were increasing dramatically and buses were packed.

About Jajja's Kids:

  • Ronnie borrowed a car to pick up Dan, who had been in boarding school since this term started last month.

  • The secondary kids needed new books for each subject they will study at home. The cost for these additional books is $341.

  • With the children now home for an indefinite time and with food costs rising rapidly, Ronnie requested additional money for food and sanitation supplies. We sent $950.

    • Ronnie had initially wanted hand sanitizer, which he admitted was very expensive.  I convinced him to rely on soap instead. I also told him about bleach for sanitizing (which they call Geek). Hopefully that is what they will use.

  • The TV that the kids had at the old house broke during the move, so Ronnie requested a new TV with DVD player and "decoder". The cost was $416, which I sent to Ronnie today while he was in town. The TV seemed important both for the kids to stay in touch with the outside world and to have entertainment on occasion, especially during the quarantine.

    • It was obviously quiet in downtown Kampala as we talked, and Ronnie planned to stay out of town indefinitely after today.

John and Juma have been in contact with Susan and are assuring her they are encouraging the rest of the children to wash their hands frequently.

We will continue to be in contact with our team in Uganda and will share any relevant updates from Ronnie. As food prices continue to rise, the cost of feeding 20 children is going to increase as well. The longer the quarantine in Kampala continues, the more difficult it may become to purchase/afford supplies. We are grateful to our incredible donors who enable us to support our kiddo's during this complex time.

Stay safe, stay healthy! <3

Photo credit MJ Adelman


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