October Update

Updated: Oct 30


For students all across the world, adjusting to the new virtual learning mode the world has had to adopt has brought unique struggles. Uganda’s infrastructure makes consistent internet usage difficult, and our children don’t have access to their teachers. We’re constantly amazed at how well our kids in Uganda have adapted to educational obstacles and greatly admire their continued determination to learn and our staff’s incredible dedication to the children’s futures.

Jajja’s Kids- Africa’s reaction to the challenges of Uganda’s shutdown has created stability and a continuation of the school year for all of our children. Bashiri, a University student who is volunteering as our tutor and comes every day, helps the children with all their schoolwork and tutors them in mathematics. The children have flourished under his tutelage and he will remain with them until all of the children are back in the classroom.

Four of our children, in P7 and Level 4, are back in the classroom to study for their national exams. They all attend boarding school, as is customary for certain grades, and are isolated with their teachers to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Thank you to our education sponsors and donors for making it possible to purchase textbooks, school supplies for the students and Bashiri, and next year's school fees. We are incredibly grateful and blessed to have such caring supporters!

Food Security

The pandemic introduced a great deal of food insecurity to the region, which made us consider alternative food sources. Ronnie always dreamed of having land to grow crops, and we decided now was the perfect time to turn dreams into reality. We recently purchased a three acre plot of land and a truck to transport both children and crops. After clearing the land, sweet potatoes, corn, and beans were planted. Both the children and hired locals have been caring for the crops.

Jajja’s Kids was also recently able to purchase a gas stove for the home. Most Ugandans cook using charcoal on outdoor stoves, and our home is no exception. The addition of the stove provides a valuable resource; the children have been learning to bake and will eventually sell their baked goods locally to support the home. In the meantime, they are quite happy to be the official taste testers!

Check out these bananas harvested from our land!

Student Philanthropy Fund

Jajja’s Kids was awarded $500 through the Student Philanthropy Fund from a graduate class at Rockefeller College at the University at Albany. The Student Philanthropy Fund, part of the Institute of Nonprofit Leadership and Community Development, seeks to educate and engage students in the art of philanthropy.

Julie Redmond, one of our board members, advocated on behalf of Jajja’s Kids as a student in the class. The money was used to purchase our new gas stove.

“Deciding between Jajja’s Kids and the dozens of other local nonprofits has been a rewarding experience for the class- and hard! We considered important factors, including urgency, accountability and transparency, sustainability, and even alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We chose Jajja’s Kids because of the deep impact it has on the lives of the children it serves in Uganda. Jajja’s Kids has a unique group of children in its care and both executive directors, Diane and Ronnie, are held in high regard in their respective communities and have a reputation of being honest, responsible, and trustworthy,” the class explained.

Many thanks to the students of PAD 527: Philanthropy and Civil Society, Professor Dr. Susan Appe, and Executive Director Pam Skripak for supporting Jajja’s Kids!

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