We're all moved in!

It is with great joy we share this exciting news- our kids have officially moved in!

Board members Mark and Susan spent ten days in Uganda, helping our children move into the new home.

Thanks to the wonderful community members who worked hard alongside our crew, we were able to save the bed frames and tables from the old rental house! Each bed frame was welded for more stability and painted in bright colors. The tables were sanded down and repaired before being moved over to the new house. Each of the children's trunks, library bookcases, and other household items we were worried about needing to replace have been brought back to life with lots of TLC!

We were also able to purchase 10 new mattresses to replace the most damaged and soiled ones, thanks to our fantastic donors. Unfortunately, we still need 10 more new mattresses and they cost $45 each, but your donations are making purchases like these possible!

Photo credit: MJ Adelman

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