We bought a house!!!

We have officially purchased a home! It’s the perfect customizable structure to accommodate our current and future needs, and it’s located in the same community we’ve been a part of for years! THANK YOU to everyone who supports and believes in us, we couldn’t have done this without all of you!!!

Here are some of Diane’s updates from when she and Connie went to Uganda last month:


Two of us are here from Jajja’s Kids Inc board in New York to see the house and lend our thoughts on how it will be completed. All very, very exciting! Some of the rooms have finished walls and a few do not. Two rooms will be opened up to make one large meeting/living room. We have enough money to start renovations. All the kids were asked what they like about the house and their most common reaction is that the new house is very big, has many rooms, and lots of space to play. Our goal is to have them living there by the end of this year.


Another very full and wonderful day with Jajja’s Kids Inc. here in Kampala. We started with all the children and staff walking together from the old house to our newly purchased property, a half mile away. Everyone enjoyed exploring the unfinished rooms and talking about what it will be like to live there when it is finished. Exciting to be there together and consider the possibilities! After lunch back at the rented house the children made beautiful art to share with our friends back home. As always, it will be very hard to leave these beautiful people and head back to the US in a few days!

Check out these AMAZING photos from Connie!

Story time with Jajja Diane!

Our youngest, Brian, playing on a swing he made at the new house.

Sonia and Mark, excited to greet Jajja Diane and Jajja Connie at their hotel!

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