Creating Possibilities for
Former Street Children in Uganda


Jajja's Kids creates brighter futures and unlimited possibilities for former street children in Uganda. Our program provides a safe and loving home, supportive, nurturing community and access to strong educational and leadership opportunities.

Imagine a child...​

  • dropped off at the gate of a children’s home by parents who are never heard from again,

  • collecting scraps off the street to support your family at only 7 years old,

  • having a loving mother who works hard but cannot feed you and your five siblings,

  • being abandoned by your father, only to find he has another family he is living with.

These are some of the stories of our kids. 

When the doors to our home first opened in 2013, the children who arrived were between the ages of 5 and 9. They had slept on sidewalks, searched trash cans for food, earned a few shillings where they could, and spent their days fighting to survive. Today they live together as family, eat three meals a day, attend school regularly, and are cared for by a staff of six.

For them, the daily existence of hunger, abandonment, and life on the street is now a memory.

Jajja's Kids Has A New Home!

It is hard to believe the spectacular year Jajja's Kids has had! At the end of 2017 we began raising funds for a permanent home for the program. Now we have a wonderful new home and the children and staff have moved in!

This is truly a dream-come-true, and we are forever grateful to the many wonderful supporters of this great project. YOU made it all possible! 

February 2019 - House purchased. No finished walls, running water or electricity, and no roof on right. Construction materials arrive and renovations begin.

July 2019 - New roof on right. Major structural changes needed to reinforce walls on left, and roof raised for more living space inside.

November 2019 - Windows and doors installed, roofs and walls finished, electric and water hooked up. Outdoor kitchen under construction.

Moving-in Day, with assistance from Jajja's Kids board members Mark Saker and Susan Fowler who helped the children move and settle in.

Muko and Juma feeling accomplished. New mattresses moved in, along with a few old ones. Everyone happy!

Messages of inspiration and hope from

our kids to school children in America.

Flags of gratitude made by Jajja's Kids, in celebration of their first-ever permanent home!

A heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to our new home in the last two years and

so generously showed your support for Jajja's Kids! 

This new and expanded space is a fresh start for everyone.

We are excited to see what grows from this new environment for the children!

All that we achieve comes from you and your ongoing support.  

We are grateful to have you as part of our Jajja's Kids family!


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