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Creating Possibilities for
Former Street Children in Uganda

In Support of Ugandan Street Children

Jajja's Kids mission is to create brighter futures and unlimited possibilities for former street children in Uganda. Jajja's Kids program provides a safe and loving home, supportive, nurturing community and access to strong educational and leadership opportunities.

Imagine a child...​

  • dropped off at the gate of a children’s home by parents who are never heard from again,

  • collecting scraps off the street to support your family at only 7 years old,

  • having a loving mother who works hard but cannot feed you and your five siblings,

  • being abandoned by your father, only to find he has another family he is living with.

Diane Reiner, Jajja's Kids Founder
Nominated for Jefferson Award

By Azra Haqqie


Fourteen local people are being honored with Jefferson awards this year for their extraordinary service to the local and global communities. Read the article.

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