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Meet Jajja's Kids

Julian Gabula came to Jajja’s Kids in 2013 when he was 4. He is nurturing with younger children, and in his free time enjoys drawing, soccer and doing acrobatics. He is inquisitive and has flourished since becoming a part of the Jajja's family.

2019 Head Julian.jpg

Brian Sseruyange is the youngest of the Jajja's family, joining the home in 2018 at age 8. He is a self-motivated, hard working student who puts great effort into learning. Brian is also clever and resourceful, and easily makes playthings for himself!


Ryan Kiggundu is a high achiever who is at the top of his class and excels in all areas of the curriculum. Ryan is an excellent writer and enjoys playing board games with his Jajja’s Kids siblings. He joined Jajja’s Kids in 2013 at age 5.


Kayondo Rakibu has been part of the home since it opened in 2013 when he was 5. He is a serious student, self-motivated to achieve high grades. His favorite sport is soccer and he especially loves science. Kayondo is a kind and loyal friend who brings a smile to everyone he meets. 


Daudi Byaruhanga joined Jajja’s Kids at 8 years of age, in 2015. He works very hard in school to achieve all he can, enjoys playing football, and dreams of being a farmer. He is a kind young man with a great sense of humor. 

Davis copy_edited_edited.jpg

Davis Akampa loves science and history, and takes his education seriously. Davis is a natural leader, great role model, and was voted "Man of the Year" by the other children in the home. Davis was 9 when he joined Jajja's Kids in 2015 with his brother Dan. 


Nicholas Nkalubo is a very talented artist who excels in painting beautiful scenes of traditional African life. He is helpful, generous, and full of compassion. Nicholas hopes to be a farmer in the future, and has been with Jajja’s Kids since 2013, when its doors first opened.

Abduala Azizi came to Jajja’s Kids in 2013 at age 7. He is a natural athlete who enjoys running and soccer the most, and is also an excellent dancer. Azizi dreams of being a pilot, so he can travel and see the world. And he loves pineapple and mangoes!


Ashim Kaheru is a warm and friendly child who likes to make others laugh. He enjoys swimming, football, math and science, and he would like to be a surgeon in the future. Ashim has been with Jajja’s Kids since the home opened in 2013.


Huzaifa (Mukko) Nahabwe came to the children's home in 2014, age10. He is a talented dancer, comedian, and gifted athlete who enjoys swimming, football and reading books about football. Mukko aspires to be a doctor so he can help people, and dreams of visiting America one day. 

Abdul (Haji) Kasozi has been at the home since its beginning, joining when he was 7. He achieved high grades at the end of primary school and is a fine artist. Haji is friendly to all and since 2017 has held the challenging position of Food Minister at Jajja’s Kids’ home. 


Shafik Kiyaga was 8 when he arrived at the opening of Jajja’s Kids. He is a sensitive boy, interested in becoming a farmer and raising animals. He's a great soccer player and enjoys running. He likes to play music and is a very talented dancer. He loves doing handstands!


Daphine Nakazibwe loves fashion and enjoys discussing politics with her Jajja siblings. Her favorite subjects are math and English. She wants to be an eye doctor and also hopes to someday manage an organization for street children. Daphine arrived in 2015 at age 11.

Juma Muguluma has been with Jajja’s Kids since he was 12, joining in 2013. He is a strong leader who perseveres when facing challenges. He is highly organized, hardworking, and puts great effort into his schoolwork. Juma wants to be a farmer, builder, or perhaps the president!

2019 Shoes Juma_edited.jpg

John Mugoya came to Jajja’s Kids in 2014 when he was 9. He loves animals and wants to be a professional farmer. He loves the arts, including music, dance, and drama. He is a kind young man who loves his Jajja family and enjoys playing soccer with them.

John copy_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Dauda Abasi came to the program in 2015 at age 9. He enjoys playing soccer, basketball and swimming.  He likes to study physics, biology, and math so that when he grows up he might be a medical doctor or lawyer. He takes on leadership roles and has a very forgiving nature. 

Dan Akampulira is a kind-hearted young man who helps with the younger children. He is an excellent dancer and artist. His favorite subjects are biology and chemistry, and he dreams of being a neurosurgeon to save people’s lives. He and brother Davis arrived in 2015 when Dan was 11.


Mark Wasajja has been with the program since it began and he was 9. He is determined to have a good education so he may someday help his mother and siblings. He is an eloquent speaker, great writer, and hopes to study engineering. Mark likes math because it makes him think hard and calculate numbers. 


Sonia Nakakembo is a dedicated student who loves fashion and art. She enjoys chemistry and English, and wants to be a military lawyer in the future so she can help her country be better. Sonia joined Jajja’s Kids in 2017 at age 15.


Steven Ssenyonga is a special young man who came to the home in 2014 at age 15. He is talented with house repairs, creations of art--and checkers! But Steven was unable to advance in school beyond grade 3. He now helps at Jajja's Kids' farm and also works on a neighbor's fields.  

2019 Head Steven_edited.jpg
Portraits of each child, November 2019

Photo credit MJ Adelman

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