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 Former Ugandan Street Kids
Become College and University Kids!

September 2023

Jajja's Kids Has A New Home!
December 2019

It is hard to believe the spectacular year Jajja's Kids has had! At the end of 2017 we began raising funds for a permanent home for the program. Now we have a wonderful new home and the children and staff have moved in!

This is truly a dream-come-true, and we are forever grateful to the many wonderful supporters of this great project. YOU made it all possible! 

New home before constuction

February 2019 - House purchased. No finished walls, running water or electricity, and no roof on right. Construction materials arrive and renovations begin.

New home during construction.

July 2019 - New roof on right. Major structural changes needed to reinforce walls on left, and roof raised for more living space inside.

New home on move-in day.

November 2019 - Windows and doors installed, roofs and walls finished, electric and water hooked up. Outdoor kitchen under construction.

Moving truck and children.

Moving-in Day, with assistance from Jajja's Kids board members Mark Saker and Susan Fowler who helped the children move and settle in.

Muko and Juma with mattresses.

Muko and Juma feeling accomplished. New mattresses moved in, along with a few old ones. Everyone happy!

Cildren with notes of gratitude.

Messages of inspiration and hope from

our kids to school children in America.

Children with flags of gratitude.

Flags of gratitude made by Jajja's Kids, in celebration of their first-ever permanent home!

A heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to our new home in the last two years and

so generously showed your support for Jajja's Kids! 

This new and expanded space is a fresh start for everyone.

We are excited to see what grows from this new environment for the children!

All that we achieve comes from you and your ongoing support.  

We are grateful to have you as part of our Jajja's Kids family!


Jajja's Kids Has Expanded!
August 2020

Jajja's Kids Africa is one step closer to sustainability!

We now own three acres of agricultural land!

Truck 2a (1).jpg

July 2020 - With food security being an issue in Uganda, we decided to purchase land and a truck to grow and transport our own crops. The land is one hour from our home, so owning a truck saves us money and time. It's expensive to rent vehicles in Kampala. Our home will have fresh vegetables and be able to sell the extra food. This new adventure will bring Jajja's Kids Africa one step closer to being sustainable!

John, Dan, log.JPG

Dan and John remove a log from our new land. The kids have been working hard while not in school and are eager to begin growing crops and start their business. 


August 2020 - The land has been fully cleared and tilled and is ready for crops! We will have sweet potatoes, corn, and beans to start. Local workers began planting crops at the end of August.

John, Dan, field.JPG

Dan and John working hard to clear the field before crops can be planted. They, along with Ronnie and Juma, have been working with local men to prepare the land for planting.

Dan in village.JPG

Can you believe how big Dan has gotten? Here he is with some village children after a long day of preparing the land for planting. Can you believe some of our young adults were the size of these kids when they joined?

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