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Celebrating Mark!

When Jajja's Kids' doors first opened, nine year old Mark Wassaja was in that initial group. Mark and his four siblings were being raised by a single mom unable to pay fees for her children's education. Within two months of moving into Jajja's Kids, Mark was enrolled in 3rd grade.

After ten years of steadily attending school, Mark will soon graduate from Senior 6, the highest level of secondary education. He is an outstanding student with an incredible work ethic, and at times has studied with his feet in cold water to stay awake! He is a serious reader and wonderful writer. Mark's dream is to study engineering at the University next year.

From the beginning, Mark has been inspired to achieve a good education and succeed in life so he can help his mother and younger siblings. He is strongly motivated by his mother's struggles, and wants to provide educational opportunities for the other children in his family.

Visiting Mark's family with children and staff from Jajja's Kids
Visiting Mark's family with children and staff from Jajja's Kids

Mark's dedication and hard work are inspiring and we are very proud of him! We are excited for his future and all of Jajja's Kids graduating this year: Sonia, John, Juma, Daphine, Dauda, Ryan, Kayondo, and Daudi.

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