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January and February Updates

Happy March 1st!

2022 is off to a great start for our kids. Check out some of our latest updates from January and February below!


Back to School for Jajja's Kids

After almost two years of learning virtually, these empty classrooms will soon be filled with students eager to learn! Our children started back at school the week of January 10th. Our kids will be going to a few different schools with several of our Senior students boarding this year. We are so proud of the hard work and resilience they have exhibited during these very difficult times.

Crop Harvesting Time!

Jajja's Kids were thrilled to harvest potatoes, oranges, mangoes and bananas from our property outside Kampala. Some of the crops were sold to local families and some enjoyed by our 20 children in the program. The land and future crops will help our program become more sustainable as we look to the future! Look at the pride on their faces!

Helping the Earth and Community

Jajja's Kids were busy learning new skills while school was held at home. In Uganda, materials are scarce and often very expensive. Using old tires and other recycled materials, they were able to create these very cool sandals which will be sold in town to raise money for the home and program. Not only are they keeping old tires out of the garbage they are providing a much needed good for their community! Providing the kids basic skills like these and more will help them become more independent in the future. Win, win!

Remembering Our Blessings

Just four years ago, our children were living in a run down and small rental house. Over the course of the last several years, our program was able to raise the funds to purchase a new home for the children to live in. The house was just a shell and needed roofing, walls, floors, plumbing, and electricity. Thanks to all of the wonderful local builders and crafts people, and our director Ronnie's amazing vision, the kids were able to move in November 2019. We are all grateful for our donors generosity and the hard work of our friends in Uganda. Gratitude everyday!

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