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March Updates

Spring has arrived in Kampala!

The rainy season began in March and will end in May, with the dry season lasting from June to August.


Our kids are coming close to the end of their first term and looking forward to a few weeks off before term two starts on May 1st.

Returning to School

"Getting the children ready to return to school after 2 years of home schooling is a huge task that requires the whole team. Ten of our students are now boarding as they are in Secondary School. Boarding schools require the children to bring ALL of their own supplies including mattresses. We are so proud of ALL of our children and staff in Uganda. It takes a village to secure a positive future for all. It might just be one of the most meaningful things you'll ever do- I know it has been for me."

-Susan, Education Coordinator

From Past to Present

Over the past decade, Jajjas Kids has been helping children in the most impoverished areas of Kampala, Uganda. Many of the children have been in the program from day one. The children have received an education when they could not have due to poverty. Check out these photos from past to now. We have many children currently attending High School with dreams of going to University or trade schools after completion. We are incredibly grateful to all of the sponsors who have supported them along the way. We can't do it without you!

Laundry Day

Doing laundry at Jajja's Kids House is team work that gets done at least two times per week. Our kids are taught responsibility for their own clothing and belongings at an early age and everyone helps out no matter how old.

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