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From its beginning in 2006, Jajja’s Kids, Inc. has been committed to improving the quality of life for children living without access to food, shelter, and an education. We began with rain jackets and small meals for local street children. Today the program has grown to include twenty former street children and a new home in Kampala, Uganda. 


The children receive counseling, an education, support in their studies, lessons in art, music, and dancing, and a structured family life. They are taught to cooperate and collaborate as a large family must do. Children share routine responsibilities and do chores daily, including their own laundry. 

Most importantly, our children receive love, a sense of self-worth, and the chance for a better tomorrow.

House design

Beginning as a community outreach program in 2008, Jajja’s Kids today is proud to continue that tradition. The children’s home serves as a community center on weekends, and neighboring children arrive for a friend to play with, a book to read, training in music and dance, and a meal.


Community service projects involving all the children, such as making repairs to the main dirt road, enhances the local environment while also teaching our the children the importance of striving to benefit others.

The newly purchased home was renovated in a way that allows us to continue serving our community and was purchased near our rented home's neighborhood.

Children playing.

Cross-Cultural Exchanges

Cross-cultural exchanges take place between U.S. school children and Jajja’s Kids. Children at Skype sessions converse, sing, laugh, and teach each other new games- all while 7,000 miles apart. They exchange pen pal letters and artwork depicting their lives and cultures.

Relationships are also encouraged between adults in the U.S. and Jajja’s Kids. Volunteers take small-group trips to Uganda, spending time with children and staff while experiencing life in Africa. Sponsors and supporters may receive personal notes of gratitude from the children. 

Diane and one of the kids.
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With Thanks From the Kids...

I am writing this letter to thank you for your support towards me, paying our school fees in time, giving all needed for me in my life to grow up in right way, like clothes, shoes, food and books for me to go to school.

With these short words I would like to thank you very much for everything you do towards me.

From Juma 

to Every one in USA

Juma and his bike
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